Visa & Invitation Letter

Passport & Visa

Montenegro is not a member of the European Union yet.

Before leaving their country, every traveller (except for those exempt from visa requirement) should submit the application vista with the Montenegrin representation (Diplomatic or Consular Office) that covers his/her country of residence.

If an entry visa is required, please allow sufficient time for this procedure: submit your visa application by presenting yourself in person, at earliest three months before the planned start of your journey, in order to avoid any inconvenience and unnecessary costs.

The process may take longer in certain countries as well, so we strongly recommend that you contact the nearest Montenegrin Diplomatic or Consular Offices to determine your personal case.

People in possession of a valid residence permit or a valid long-term visa issued by another Member State should check the validity of their visa in order to avoid any inconvenience.

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Invitation Letter

The Invitation Letter will be provided only upon completion of registration and payment.

In order to request your personal and official Invitation Letter to attend the 15th Spring Symposium, you have two options:

  1. Individual registrations: once your registration and payment have been successfully finalised, log-in into the online registration system and select the panel “Invitation Letter Request”. The registration team will review your request and get back to you within 5 working days
  2. Third parties or group registrations: once the Contact Person or Group Operator processed the registration(s) and payment(s) have been successfully finalised, he/she will be able to log-in into the online registration system and select the panel “Invitation Letter Request”. The registration team will review the request and get back within 5 working days

Please note that Invitation Letter implies no obligation by the Organisers to cover registration fees, accommodation, travel expenses or any other costs connected with participation in the meeting.

Beware of scams

Beware of scams

Please beware of scam companies pretending to offer accommodation and registration to the EADV Congress (adding a percentage of commissions)!

Only trust information from our official websites:




· (to contact the EADV Staff)


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