Industry Badge Registration

Satellite badges are restricted to industry session organisers’ staff only. These badges are not available for general public.
Industry participants must contact in order to register their staff.

Satellite badges (for Satellite Symposia & Meet-the-Expert Sessions)

All companies purchasing a Satellite Symposia session or Meet-the-Expert Session will receive a fixed number of Free Satellite badges as per table below:

Session Number of free Satellite badges
1 Satellite Symposia 6
1 Meet-the-Expert 3


Satellite badges are strictly connected to the relevant session and can be used only for the day of the Satellite Symposia session or the Meet-the-Expert session.

Satellite/Free Satellite registration fee includes:

  • Satellite badge
  • Admission to the Satellite Symposium or Meet-the-Expert for the company they work for and which is organising the Satellite session or Meet the-Expert session
  • No admission to the EADV scientific session
  • No admission to the Networking Symposium (3 May 2018)


Additional Satellite badges

Additional Satellite badges can be purchased by industry partners in order to register additional staff participants:


Available until

24 April 2018


Starting from

3 May 2018


Additional Satellite badge


100 EUR + VAT 100 EUR + VAT


After the closure of the pre-registration system (24 April 2018), additional badges requests cannot be processed online or via email. Additional badges will have to be purchased on-site at the registration desk.


Industry Participants Fee

Industry employees that need full access to the event (scientific sessions included) should register under the category Industry Participant.

Industry Participants Fee includes:

  • Industry Participant badge
  • Admission to the EADV scientific sessions
  • Admission to the Satellite Symposia and Meet-the-Expert Sessions
  • Admission to the Networking Symposium (3 May 2018)
  • Possibility to collect ECMEC Credits on participation in EADV scientific sessions
  • Symposium material and Certificate of Attendance


1-Day ticket (Industry Participants)

Industry participants, who wish to have full access to the event for one day only, should purchase a 1-Day ticket.

1-Day ticket includes the same admissions and materials as the above Industry Participant fee, but is limited to one day.

NOTE that 1-Day ticket cannot be requested more than once during the event.


Contact & Info

All requests regarding Satellite badges registrations should be sent to the Registration Department to no later than Tuesday, 24 April 2018. After this date, special requests will not be considered and new registrations will have to be processed on-site at the registration desk.

Information requests related to industry sessions have to be addressed to the Exhibition Department at



Beware of scams

Beware of scams

Please beware of scam companies pretending to offer accommodation and registration to the EADV Congress (adding a percentage of commissions)!

Only trust information from our official websites:




· (to contact the EADV Staff)


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